Bring Us Your Disabled, Your Uneducated & Your Convicted


We all know them.  They are people that are barely getting by because they can’t work or they can’t find work.  Perhaps they can’t work because they’re disabled.   Disability doesn’t pay enough for them to live on, and it makes for a miserable life.  Then there are those who have made mistakes in the past.  They didn’t finish high school and/or never got a college degree and so there are not a lot of options for them to make a decent living.  Or perhaps you even know people who have made some bigger mistakes in life and have been arrested. They have a record and as hard as it is to find a decent job – well it just got harder.

Network marketing loves and accepts all of these people!  If someone has a good work ethic, is honest and can make a  phone call or meet with someone for lunch – well you can earn income in the network marketing industry!  No college degree required.  It doesn’t matter what you did in the past.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t see, hear or walk.

We are currently bringing a gentleman into our business that has diabetes so bad he is disabled at 51 years old.  Has had toes cut off, has little feeling in his fingers (he was a mechanic), eye sight is going.  He can do this business.  We know another young man who is very dear to us but has made some mistakes.  He’s 20 years old with no GED or diploma of any kind.  He has a criminal record.  He has  made mistakes.  But he is a good person, very smart and very likeable.  He will do well in network marketing.

Anyone with the drive to succeed can do this.  There is no application to get started. Ditch the resume. Just get started.  Be honest with yourself and your customers and business partners and take it to any level you want to!


Do you know people who use electricity and natural gas?

Would they like to save money on those bills and potentially earn it for free?

Would you like to get paid by helping your friends and family save money?

Watch this and then ask me how you can get paid even more!

If you just want to enjoy the savings on your electric and/or natural gas bill and would like to earn free energy, visit:  Now available in: TX, NY, IL, MD, PA, NJ, CT, MA and CA. Don’t forget to sign up your small business too!

“It’s a fact, we have a better way!” Eric Worre, The Network Marketing Pro

Theresa Wilkins is the author of this blog. Theresa is an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy. This is an Independent Consultant Web Site and is not created nor maintained by Ambit Energy (a Texas-based retail Energy Provider, PUCT Certificate #10117). The site owner is solely responsible for the content. The Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Logo and name are the property of Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC and are used on this site by Permission.

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