Would You Like To Own The Cheapest Gas Station in Town?

gaspricesThe price of gasoline is finally going down!  If your small town is like mine, there are a few gas stations in town to choose from.  There is the one that is always the highest.  I really don’t know who buys their gasoline there, but it’s sure not me!  Then there is the station that goes up and down…it’s always less than the highest priced place, but it’s never the cheapest.  And then there’s that place that you can always count on to be the cheapest gasoline in town.  That is the one I always go to! (who goes to those other stations??)

I’m sure you’ve noticed as well that at that cheapest gas station, there are always cars lined up and there are always people there. (maybe the other stations have better coffee?  still trying to figure out why people would go to the other stations…).  So if there are always people there and even people lined up to buy the gasoline, then there  must be a pretty nice cash flow there too!  Of course people are also buying some cigarettes and candy bars and so forth, but they are really there for the gasoline prices! (that must be it…maybe the cigarettes are cheaper at the other stations.)

Now, what if you could own that gas station that always has the cheapest gasoline in town for just $429?  And then what if you could run that gas station for just $26 a month!  Yeah, the gasoline is included, the cigarettes, the candy bars, the coffee and even the accounting!  It’s all done for you!  No insurance, no overhead, no employees…would you want to own such a business?  After all you would have the cheapest gasoline in town every single day of the week, year round!

You would also have a few perks to offer customers….but the big attraction is the gasoline because after all, everyone has to pay for that every week to get to work right?  That is a regular part of everyone’s budget every single month.  No one can get anywhere without gasoline. Oh and this gas station also offers a perk that if ANY customer sends 15 of their friends & family there to get gasoline, the customer that sent them can get a free fill up every month! (why isn’t EVERYONE going to this gas station?)

Now, what if you could also help other people to buy a gas station of their own for just $429 and $26 a month?  It would of course also be the cheapest gas station in their “town” and most everyone would come to their gas station to buy gasoline – every week! (I still don’t get why anyone goes to the other gas stations. do you?)  AND what if you  not only helped them to make an income with that gas station, but you also  made part of your income by helping them get started running that gas station?  AND what if you could do this for many people – friends, relatives, co-workers  – helping them all own their own gasoline stations and make an income that helped them become financially free – all while making an income for you and your family?

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It’s just that simple.


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“It’s a fact, we have a better way!” Eric Worre, The Network Marketing Pro

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