When Is the Last Time Your Favorite Restaurant Gave You a Free Meal?



We all have one, right?  That place we love to go eat.  Maybe it’s the food.  Maybe it’s the prices, the service, the atmosphere or a combination of things.  Whatever it is, we tell others about it.  We tell our family.  We tell our friends. We tell our co-workers.  We may even tell strangers in the grocery line.

So, when is the last time that restaurant gave you a free meal because you told everyone about them?  I mean, after all, you sent them business.  They should reward you somehow, right?  One free meal per month wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?

I’m sure there are other places you have done the same thing with right?  You told others about a movie you loved, a book you read, a store  you frequent and save money at.  And those people went to that movie, read that book or shopped at that store because you said it was great.  Did you get rewarded for it?

What if I told you that you could save on a purchase you make every single day.  You unconciously purchase and habitually use this product and you will likely never stop using it.  Electricity & natural gas.  Now, what if I also told you that while you were saving on it, if you told your friends and family about the savings and they switched & saved too, that you could earn some free travel…but better yet, free energy – every single month!

Have you ever got a check or a credit to your bill from your current energy supplier?  On top of the savings with Ambit Energy – you can make this happen – just by telling a few people how happy you are with the savings, on something they and you purchase every single day.

Yes, this is real.  My  husband and I saved 48% on our electricity bill last year.  You can do it too.  It’s easy.  Switch here: www.TheresaWilkins.com  Start saving.  Then start telling others.



Do you know people who use electricity and natural gas?

Would they like to save money on those bills and potentially earn it for free?

Would you like to get paid by helping your friends and family save money?

Watch this and then ask me how you can get paid even more! http://www.EarnWithAmbit.biz

If you just want to enjoy the savings on your electric and/or natural gas bill and would like to earn free energy, visit: http://www.SaveMoneyWith.JoinAmbit.com  Now available in: TX, NY, IL, MD, PA, NJ, CT, MA and CA. Don’t forget to sign up your small business too!

“It’s a fact, we have a better way!” Eric Worre, The Network Marketing Pro

Theresa Wilkins is the author of this blog. Theresa is an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy. This is an Independent Consultant Web Site and is not created nor maintained by Ambit Energy (a Texas-based retail Energy Provider, PUCT Certificate #10117). The site owner is solely responsible for the content. The Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Logo and name are the property of Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC and are used on this site by Permission.

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