About Theresa Wilkins

Theresa has been self-employed since 2005, working as a virtual Ambit222PinCloseupassistant during that time and eventually getting started with network marketing and most recently affiliate marketing.

Theresa loves to help others learn how to work from home successfully and legitimately so they can have the freedom to enjoy their families but still bring in the money they are used to from their full-time jobs and then some.

Darien-everyoneBESTTheresa is a Christian, wife to David, mother to 6 children and grandmother to 13.  Her passion is her family and living a full life with them now and ensuring they have a secure future.

In her spare time, Theresa enjoys the outdoors as well as drawing and painting and of course she always loves to connect with new people throughout the world via the Internet!

At this website you can learn more about working from home  yourself, learning new skills to help you do that, learning about network marketing and affiliate marketing as well as other ways to earn income from home.

Have questions?  Email Theresa at WorkFromHomeWonder@gmail.com

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